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Double-row Spherical Roller Bearings

The self-aligning roller bearing has two rows of symmetrical spherical roller. The roll and the outer and inland circle have the same shape. When the bearing was deformed and the error concentric between bearing and bearing frame will be occurred, this bearing can mend the decline about 0.5° -2° . This bearing has high radial loads, and can support large axial loads and radial loads at the same time. To the different load and speed, the various serious bearing can be chosen, and mainly used in the applications of follow industries: mine, metallurgy, papermaking and construction etc.

Internal strure and retainer material variations
C:symmertrical roller,stamped steel retainer
MB:symmetrical roller,two-piece brass cage
CA:symmetrical roller,one- piece brass cage
M:optimized capacity design,symmetrical roller,
  one-piece brass cage
CTN1:symmetrical rolle,nylon cage

External form change
K:tapered bore beaing,taper is 1:12
K30:tapered bore beaing,taper is 1:30
N:a snap ning groove on the outer ring
/P0:Equal to original precision G
/P6: Equal to original precision E
/C0:Nominal clearance,omitted in designation
/C2:less than nominal clearance
/C3:Large chearance than C0
/C4: Large chearance than C3
/C5: Large chearance than C4
/C6:Special clearance
/W33:A lubricating groove and three lubricating holes on outerring
/S0:Working temperature up to 150℃
/S1:Working temperature up to200℃
/S2:Working temperature up to250℃
/S3:Working temperature up to300℃
/S4:Working temperature up to350℃

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